Plot of 67 Ice Jams in Water Year 2024 , by state, as of 20-JUN-2024 .


The Ice Jam Database is maintained by the Ice Engineering Group at CRREL and currently consists of over 18,000 records from across the US. Additional information about the Ice Jam Database and related Ice Engineering Group activities can be found here

Accessing the Ice Jam Database

Ice-related vocabulary can be found under the Terminology tab. Summary reports and maps grouped by state, district, date, etc. can be found under the Summaries tab. The IJDb can be searched through the Text Query or Map View and Query tabs in the upper-right corner of the page.

The Ice Jam Database application is organized into several components, including:

Home The "Home" tab contains general information about the CRREL Ice Engineering Group and the Ice Jam Database, Bulletins and Surveys. Additional information and links are also available at the upper left of the application from all pages.
Text Query The "Text Query" tab contains a tool to obtain information about current and historic ice jams from the Ice Jam Database. Database results can be customized by selecting records that meet the selected location, date, and content criteria.
Map View and Query
The "Map View and Query" tab provides a mechanism for querying the Ice Jam Database using an interactive map. The map interface also includes map utilities for measuring area and distance.
IWRSS pilot Integrated Water Resources Science and Services (IWRSS) Joint NOAA/USACE/USGS Pilot: Ice Jam Database

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